As summer approaches, you are planning your family road trip. You have your destination mapped out. You might even have an idea what you are going to do. You may not be looking forward to the drive with your kids in the car asking "Are we there YET?" Your kids are pretty good in the car with lots of activities, delicious animal shaped snacks, and lots of juice boxes to keep their hands and mouths busy. This might be your first road trip with a baby in tow. Traveling with an infant can be daunting, but if you plan and check out some of these tips, you can make it easier.

Bring extra supplies, you are in the car so grabbing some extra diapers and wipes won't be a big deal. You may run out and be out in the middle of nowhere.

Skip the noisy baby toys, you will not want to listen to them after a few hours, and they might just fly out the window on accident of course. Instead bring a few toys that make minimal noise, also bring a sound machine or lullabies to help soothe your little one. 

Enlist your other children to help. You can't really do much when you are driving, and you want to get to your destination, ask older siblings to play with the baby and help feed him or her. Remind them not to take the baby out of the car seat.

Use this as an opportunity to self soothe. No one likes to listen to their precious baby cry, but sometimes they need to figure out how to make themselves calm. Unless they need something, it's ok for them to cry a little.  Have toys and books in their reach so they don't get bored.

Plan your stops around diaper changes. Use the stop to change diapers. That way you can plan better and make better time. Bring a blanket and change in the car. Who knows when the last time those diaper changers have been cleaned.

Try and stick to the same schedule for your baby. If it's nap time, turn on their naptime music, sing their naptime song. Babies thrive on routine. Make sure you don't disrupt what they are used to while you are traveling.

Don't forget to have medicine for your infant too. You never know when your baby will need it. Trying to find infant medicine while traveling can be difficult, especially when it's a high peak travel time.

Bring snacks that baby will enjoy. Puffs, cereals, crackers, and of course baby food and spoons.

Hopefully these tips will help your first roadtrip with your baby go smoothly.  

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