RAM is known for being a maker of professional quality trucks. In fact, Winston-Salem drivers will not find any SUV or car in the line-up. Also, you will not find any mid-size trucks in RAM's portfolio. Every RAM truck offered today is a full-size model. So, where does the RAM 1500 fit into the current line-up?

A Look at the RAM Lineup

RAM currently has three trucks in their lineup. First, there is the RAM 1500 light-duty, a full-size pick-up truck. Next, there is the RAM 2500 heavy-duty pick-up truck. Finally, there are the RAM 3500 heavy-duty trucks. Each of these trucks is classified as full-size.

RAM 1500 Size

The RAM 1500 is the smallest of the three pick-up trucks currently offered by RAM. However, the truck itself is not small by any means. The vehicle has an overall length of 229 inches for the short bed, regular cab model. The RMA 1500 can stretch up to 242 inches with the super-crew cab, long-bed configuration. The total width of all RAM 1500 models is 82 inches. The total height of the RAM 1500 model is 78 inches.

RAM 2500 Size

The RAM 2500 is a bit larger than the RAM 1500. The total length on the RAM 2500 ranges from 232 inches for the short-bed, regular cab model all the way up to 261 inches for the long bed, super crew cab model. The width of the RAM 2500 is a little narrower than the RAM 1500 at 79 to 80 inches. Finally, the height of the RAM 2500 comes in at 78 to 81 inches.

RAM 3500 Size

The RAM 3500 is the most powerful truck offered by RAM. However, the overall length of the vehicle is identical to that of the RAM 2500. Length ranges from 232 to 261 inches. The width of the vehicle is rated at 79 inches. Finally, the height ranges from 78 to 80 inches.

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