The Many Reasons to Buy a RAM 1500

Why You Should Purchase a RAM 1500

There is no doubt that you have heard of the RAM brand. There are a good number of RAM vehicles produced each model year, the most popular being the RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 models. Keep reading to learn about why we would like you to consider purchasing a fabulous RAM 1500 from our dealership here in Kernersville.

The RAM 1500's Standard Features

The RAM 1500 comes with standard hill-start assist to help a driver start to get up a hill. The truck's tailgate is removable and also locking. The truck's standard cruise control will help a driver maintain their speed on highways and similar roads. Automatic headlights will aid in driving by making it easier to drive at night without having to remember to turn them on. A USB port is a great technological bonus in this vehicle.

Optional Features for the Truck

The truck can be made to easily suit anybody who would like to buy it. If desired one can purchase the truck with a heated steering wheel, which will make driving more comfortable in any cold weather you may drive it in. Rain-sensing windshield wipers will do their jobs when they "think" it is raining. If you want to charge anything in the truck with a 115-volt power outlet then you can do that because one of those outlets is available for the truck. In addition you can get this truck with a Uconnect Access infotainment system that comes with a user-friendly interface and an 8.4-inch touchscreen.

The Power Offered by the RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 offers an air suspension to improve ground clearance, handling and the ride of the driver and his or her passengers. The air suspension can be used by the driver just pressing a button in the truck's cabin to lower the vehicle to allow for easy entry into the vehicle. The air suspension may also be used to raise the vehicle to clear any obstacles up to 10.7 inches in height.

Then there is the engine. The vehicle makes an Ecodiesel V6 engine available. It is only natural for many trucks to offer diesel engines, and the RAM 1500 is no exception. With this engine the RAM 1500 offers 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. This engine can provide up to thirty miles per gallon.

The Fantastic Vehicle's Recent Updates

For the 2016 model year the RAM 1500 has received some updates. These include additional styling options that include colors and a set of colorful customization options for the Sport model, available cargo-box lights and an updated center console.

Are you looking for a wonderful 2016 RAM 1500 in Greensboro? We highly encourage you to read our review on the 2016 RAM 1500! After you are done checking the review out, we invite you down to Kernersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to see and test-drive the 2016 RAM 1500! You will see why the RAM 1500 has recently won a Vincentric Best Value in America Award. We look forward to seeing you!


Is hill-start assist standard?

Yes, it is standard with the 1500. It will help you start to get up hills with ease.

Is a 115-volt power outlet available for the truck?

Yes, it is available for the truck. It is like the power outlet you find in a house.

Did the RAM 1500 get anything new for the 2016 model year?

Yes, it got a few new features. They include an updated center console, available cargo-box lights, and more!

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